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If renting PL mount Cine lenses is difficult due to budget, time, size,...
I have a full set of Nikon primes available.
They all have a focus gear and have been calibrated in my Preston remote focus.
Nikon lenses make a beautiful picture but are more challenging for the focus puller.
Many of the music videosĀ on my site were shot with them.

Nikon Lens Set
Nikon Lenses
fisheye 14mm 20mm
10.5 mm Fisheye 14 mm 20 mm
24mm 28mm 35mm
24 mm 28 mm 35 mm
50mm 85mm 105mm
50 mm 85 mm 105 mm
180mm 300mm 400mm
180 mm 300 mm 400 mm
800mm Lens Baby 105 Macro
800 mm Lens Baby 105 mm Macro
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